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Anne Phillipson is the most experienced and longest serving Programme Director of the Leadership Institute at Queen's University Belfast. She has over 20 years of experience in executive development with hundreds of programmes and clients. The aim of Queen's Leadership Institute is to deliver a high end portfolio of executive education and leadership programmes.

Phillipson has worked globally with public and private sector clients in many transformation programmes. She was National Training Manager with Hudson's Bay Company, one of Canadas largest companies, and a Senior Consultant in PwC's People & Change practice. She was PwCs contact for the UK government to develop excellent client relationship skills in their teams of overseas Inward Investment Advisors, and travelled the globe to work with UKTI teams.

As an Executive Coach, Phillipson has coached leaders in politics, business and public sector at the very senior level, and understands the challenges they face in leading change, engaging people and strategic transformation.

Anne Phillipson

William J. Clinton Leadership Institute, QUB