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Jill Minne is Director of Organisational Development for Belfast City Council, leading the strategic organisational and cultural change programme. She developed the Council's Organisational Development Strategy and manages the Chief Executive's department.

Minne leads the development and delivery of the City Council's Gender Action Plan through the Council's Women's Steering Group. She was part of the core team that worked to develop Belfast City Council's investment programme, where she trebled the required 300 job and 600 work placement opportunities within Belfast City Council at no additional cost to the ratepayer. She is now leading a project to look at extending this employability work across the city.

Minne is a board member of the Labour Relations Agency and a board member and Ambassador for the Women's Fund NI. She is Belfast City Council's representative on Queens University Employers' Forum and a member of the Northern Ireland Joint Council. She has two teenage daughters and is active in fund raising for a number of charities.

Jill Minne

Belfast City Council